I'm Dan. I worked for almost four years with the strategy consulting firm Dalberg Global Development Advisors, and on nights and weekends built and refined Redline. I want folks to be more efficient at work so that they have greater impact and can then spend more time with family and friends. I really believe in helping people be productive at the workplace so that they take pride in what they create.

Through Dalberg my clients have included Google, the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, the Rainforest Alliance, the World Bank Group, and European and African development finance institutions. Prior to that I built Excel tools for Aravind Eye Care's education arm, TechnoServe, and The Osborne Association.

In addition to Excel geeking, I used to teach. Part of that was as a human-centered design coach for Stanford's Executive Education program, Hyatt, Vanguard Health, VISA, and UNHCR; part was public health and English teaching in China, Solomon Islands, and Tanzania.

I finished an MBA and MS from Stanford University and undergrad degrees in economics and international studies from the University of Arizona.