Redline Excel teaches you to solve problems faster. Every day in the consulting world people waste time on Excel tasks that aren't that hard. They know the basics like SUM and IF and VLOOKUP. But they often use brute force, spending hours when just a little more knowledge would let them solve the problem in half the time.

You learn problem solving by being guided through, and solving, problems–not by being told what a function is. Our approach is to set up the problem, give you time to think about it, then introduce short questions that slowly help build up parts of the solution.

The 13 real consulting problems included are to review and build atop previous material as you progress through each tab, just like a good language textbook reinforces vocabulary it taught you in earlier chapters. 


This self-guided training was developed by consultants, for consultants. You will learn to:

Solve problems faster. Learn when a simple SUMPRODUCT is quicker than a full Pivot Table.


Clean up ugly data. Need to scrub 2,000 data points? Learn how text manipulation functions can keep you from doing it by hand.


Trace typos. Use a little-known trick to step through formulas, operation by operation, to find your mistakes.


Train your staff. Relax when it's clear that models prepared for you always have columns formatted with the same dates, calculations that still work if you add or delete rows, and clear labeling that's client-ready. 


Make models that don't break. Ever get a new set of data the night before a client update meeting and need to re-run the numbers? Learn how INDEX-MATCH can let you paste it in without needing to update anything else.

Create Gantt charts and dashboards. After mastering this training you'll have all the skills you need to build your own project management Gantt charts, dashboards for project milestones and accomplishments, and financial projections for budgeting and estimating your business growth.